HWC-Webinar: ‘Homeopathy for disease & epidemics & the need for Professional Associations’ by Tanya Kell, RSHom (NA) NASH President

Homeopathy for disease & epidemics and the need for

Professional Associations:

What are they?

Why do we need them?


Time: November 30, 2019 from 12pm to 1pm

Tanya Kell will talk about Professional associations: What they are and why we need them.

Tanya has been involved in Homeopathy for more than half her life. She has been a registered NASH member as well as obtaining her CCH certificate in 1996. She began her studies at the Pacific Academy of Homeopathy in 1990, worked at Hahnemann Pharmacy, and went on to attend Evolution of Self/Soul School of Homeopathy in Arizona.

After opening a practice in Nashville, TN and running a study group, she co-founded the Nashville School of Homeopathy, now in its 10th year of operation. Tanya is passionate about making homeopathy a household name, accessible to all.

She says: “I look forward to serving and growing our community.”

Join us @ 12 noon EST and 22:30 IST

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