HWC Health Inn Show November 12th: Dr Regina Rianelli speaks in a Case Study about CANCER treatment.


Tune in to live health inn show on November 12, 2019 from or 10:00 am EST or 8:30pm IST as Dr Regina Rianelli speaks about Case Study about CANCER treatment.


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Dr. Regina Reinaelli is as Doctoral student in Management. Her main fields of work are marketing and health related issues; medications; trust issues; interdisciplinary cultural studies (including economics, ecofriendly sustainable projects and management); startups organizations; qualitative and grounded research/theory.


She also does pro-bono Volunteer work in under privileged communities the past 20 years with Social Homeopathy.


She is a Professor in Estacio de Sá University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Doctorate at Lusíada University – Lisbon Campus, Portugal. Coach, lecturer and researcher.
Supervisors: PhD Jesus Domech Moré and Post-Doc Wellington Trotta.