On the upcoming Health-Inn Show: Prof. Dr. Pankaj Aggarwal



Happening on the 8th of September 2020


Join us LIVE on the Health-Inn Show with Prof. Dr Pankaj Agarwal. He will be talking about mental heath and aging.

Call in and ask your questions. Via skype or in the chat with us live in our chat room during the show.

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8th Sep, Tuesday @ 10 am EST/7.30 PM India


Let’s talk weeds and herbal medicine on the upcoming HWC ‘Health-Inn Show’

Common weeds can be true medicines. They are available to us in abundance in meadows, hedgerows and gardens. If you want to know how to use weeds and herbs from your own backyard as wild medicine for your own home herbalism, then join our guest on the upcoming ‘Health-Inn Show’, Edwina Hodkinson. Happening on July 14th at 10am EST here: https://www.nissancommunications.com/healthinn.php

FREE Health Inn Show: Glyphosate Toxicity Compounding Disease Pathways by Kate Birch


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Kate Birch will talk about Glyphosate toxicity compounding disease pathways

Kate Birch RSHom(NA), CCH, CMT. A Minnesota based homeopath, Kate has been registered with the North American Society of Homeopaths since 1996 and is Certified in Classical Homeopathy (CCH) by the Council for Homeopathic Certification. She is a past vice-president of the North American Society of Homeopaths and remains the North American liaison to the International Council of Homeopathy. She has a busy family practice and lectures locally and internationally on homeopathy for infectious disease, children’s health, and vaccine damage.

Listen, watch, call in & chat live show at Nissan Communication on Dec 10th 10am Eastern.

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HWC Health Inn Show November 12th: Dr Regina Rianelli speaks in a Case Study about CANCER treatment.


Tune in to live health inn show on November 12, 2019 from or 10:00 am EST or 8:30pm IST as Dr Regina Rianelli speaks about Case Study about CANCER treatment.


Nissancommunications.com to listen, watch & ask questions




Dr. Regina Reinaelli is as Doctoral student in Management. Her main fields of work are marketing and health related issues; medications; trust issues; interdisciplinary cultural studies (including economics, ecofriendly sustainable projects and management); startups organizations; qualitative and grounded research/theory.


She also does pro-bono Volunteer work in under privileged communities the past 20 years with Social Homeopathy.


She is a Professor in Estacio de Sá University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Doctorate at Lusíada University – Lisbon Campus, Portugal. Coach, lecturer and researcher.
Supervisors: PhD Jesus Domech Moré and Post-Doc Wellington Trotta.