Gone are the times when Lac remedies meant Lac Can and Lac Def only. In the last few years, thanks to extensive provings and clinical material, a broader understanding of the group features of Mammal remedies (Lacs and Non-Lacs) has emerged.

HWC is proud to present Drs. Prajakta Vaidya and Preety Shah take up an in-depth learning of the mammals group of remedies. They promise to bring to you understanding of this group of remedies.


Course Highlights:

  • Groups like Felidae, Equidae, Canidae, Bovidae, Primates, Sea Mammals etc. will be covered using several clinical cases

  • Learning the Mammals group using

    • Sensation Method of Dr. Sankaran

    • Personal Evolution Method of Dr. Mahesh Gandhi

    • Finer differentiation using repertory, theme and animal chart understanding.

    • Explore the work and provings done by other teachers like Massimo, Dr. Joshi’s and Dr. Nancy Herrick and more.

    • Clear useful guidance and tools to identify and use these remedies in practice.

  • Course participation Certificate

The module will be a combination of LIVE (2 sessions) and Recorded (7 sessions). Each session will be roughly 3 hours each, a total of 27-30 hours of blissful learning! This is a treasure trove of knowledge!


Course Details: 27th March to 24th April 2021

Time: 10 am EST

LIVE Introduction- 1: 27th March, Saturday

7 Recorded Sessions:  Available for unlimited viewing from 27th March’21 to 24th April’21

LIVE Q & A/ Conclusion: 24th April, Saturday



HWC members: USD 150

Non-members: USD 180


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