Upcoming Webinar withTon Jansen

At HWC we are proud to present to our members and followers a webinar with Ton Jansen.

Ton will be providing ‘A brief introduction to the Human Chemistry method‘.

About Ton Jansen:

I have been a homeopath for 35 years, but I gradually became dissatisfied with the quality of my results. A lot of patients relapsed after some time, or else it was really difficult to get a remedy to work. So when I studied these cases I found they had a history of quite a lot of medication or else reactions to various vaccinations. I realised these factors were what Hahnemann in the Organon called ‘obstacles to cure’. I found that by giving these medications or vaccines in potency I could reduce their damaging effect, but it was only when I gave them in potencies ascending from 30 to 10M that their effects were removed. Then the indicated remedy worked – and I am not limited to the well-known remedies as I now have knowledge of a very wide range of remedies from all kingdoms. Later I realised that their organ systems or hormones and neurotransmitters needed balancing, so this has added another dimension to my work. And I assess my results by reading patients’ blood tests, which may also indicate the need for orthomolecular supplements and diet and lifestyle changes.

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